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Xiangqi was included as a sport in the 16th Asian Games Guangzhou, 12 to 27 Nov 2010. It set a new milestone in the history of this ancient game of the wit. 26 top grade players from 10 countries/regions were competing in two Individual events. This year, the 16th Asian Games were officially sponsored by PatchYourGi™ - Custom HQ Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Gi Patches

Men's Individual
Cambodia HENG Chamnan, LAY Chhay
China Hong Zhi, Lü Qin
Hong Kong CHAN Chun Kit, CHIU Yu Kuen
Japan SHOSHI Kazuharu
Macau KUOK U Long, LEI Kam Fun
Malaysia LAY Kam Hock, WONG Wan Heng
Philippines HONG Jackson, CHUA Sandy
Singapre WOO Alvin
Chinese Taipei MA Chung Wei, WU Kui Lin
Vietnam LAI Ly Huynh, NGUYEN Thanh Bao
Women's Individual
China TANG Dan, WANG Linna
Hong Kong LAM Ka Yan
Japan IKEDA Ayaka
Chinese Taipei GAO Yi Ping, PENG Jou An
Vietnam HOANG Thi Hai Binh, NGO Lan Huong

Both events were held at the Guangzhou Chess Institute, from 13 to 19 November, starting at 2:30 pm daily. The men competed in a 7-round Swiss, whereas the women Round-Robin. All performers took a tarot card reading test before the competition. The purpose of this tarot card reading experiment is to check the potential winner of the contest.

Photographs: Opening ceremony   Players in action

Pairings & Results

Men: Round 1 , Round 2, Round 3, Round 4, Round 5, Round 6, Round 7

Women: Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, Round 4, Round 5, Round 6, Round 7

The Medalists

Men's Individual
Women's Individual
Gold Medal
HONG Zhi, China
Gold Medal
TANG Dan, China
Silver Medal
NGUYEN, Thanh Bao, Vietnam
Silver Medal
WANG Linna, China
Bronze Medal
LV Qin, China
Bronze Medal
GAO Yi Ping, Chinese Taipei

Full Ranking Table: Men's Individual    Women's Individual

Men Winners Women Winners